Jun 26


(via Design won’t save the world)


(via Design won’t save the world)

Dec 25

yongfook: Design is Horseshit! -


In direct response to: http://designerfund.com/infographic

I’ve created products / services in the past that have garnered praise for their design. I love good design in all forms - copywriting in particular fascinates me. I’ve never called myself a designer.

Here’s my pitch. This…

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Feb 10

Tom Morris: I'm not an experience-seeking user, I'm a meaning-seeking human person -


After an evening of cynicism last night, reading a bloody awful article by a pompous twit, and travelling on bloody slow trains, and then logging on to Twitter and seeing a bunch of bloody fools debating things they are completely ignorant of without even a modicum of philosophical charity, I…

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Nov 24


Thomas Prior


Thomas Prior

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Nov 26

Hll Wrld!

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